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On April 16, 2020, the rapper „Cannachris“ alias Christian Kaiser released the eagerly awaited CD „Herzblut“(Lifeblood).
Once again Cannachris has invited guests to the studio. Hedgez and sAAabuZZa are also present.

For those who haven’t been a fan of rap music so far, we recommend to approach this musical genre with the help of Cannachris. Because his music is filled with lyrics that are far away from what is commonly called „dirty rap“. It’s worth listening and maybe one or the other will recognize himself in the topics Cannachris addresses.

We are delighted that the artist is once again planning to donate fifty percent of the proceeds to the educational project in Rwanda. And, of course, the singer will continue to campaign for even more artists of all genres to support the project both ideally and through benefit concerts. To this end, he has joined the initiative „Künstler für Kinder“ (Artists for Kids), , which the head of the 1World circle, Pastor Gerhard Reuther, has launched in 2018 together with the reggae musician „Ras Erigz“ from Rwanda.

The album can be ordered online from:
Paypal (CD version; it contains 5 bonus songs and thus has nineteen tracks)

So do something good for yourself and the children in Rwanda and bring this CD home!
Tell others about it – and of course the CD is also an excellent gift.

Thank you very much!