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Do you celebrate your birthday every year? Probably a strange question, isn’t it? But a friend of our project celebrates his birthday for the first time in 40 years!
But in an unusual way! He would like you to help him to celebrate this birthday in a special way – and we ask you to help him. But read for yourself!

„My name is Charles Hategekimana from Rwanda and I’m turning 40 years old on March 18, 2020. Practically, I have never celebrated any of my 39 birthdays due to some past circumstances faced in life, that many other people around the world may be facing today.
In fact, this was due to my rural upbringing where most people do not celebrate birthdays as such. I have never experienced it as part of our rural culture. I sometimes conclude that birthday celebration is not really a rural culture, at least referring to my context that I know very well.
For many, there are more needs than just spending on birthdays. Having not celebrated my birthday in my history on earth is also related to the Rwandan history that many people of the world know whereby the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi has psychologically affected many people, including myself. Until many years in its aftermath and even today, psychological consequences are are still felt and not easy to escape. It is funny that even when I got the possibility to celebrate my birthday, I never felt any need. My lovely wife Anitha can testify more on this, but please don’t ask her and don’t also tell our 3 under 10 daughters

Moreover, even during a couple of years (2009-2011 and 2017 to date) that I have spent outside of Rwanda, I have never felt any need to celebrate my birthday in spite of some good friends of mine trying to surprise me and eventually inviting me for their own birthdays. I enjoy these moments anyway. Interestingly, I don’t even plan to celebrate this 40th birthday for myself, but rather I am thinking of many other vulnerable children in Rwanda, like anywhere else in the world, who are going through terrible situations such as lack of education, food and shelter among other basic things of life.

Therefore, if you are willing to support one or more of those vulnerable children in Rwanda, please donate anything small or big through the attached link. You will be helping me to celebrate my 4th decade (40th Birthday) on earth this way while I am even far away from my family doing my PhD project in Germany, also directed to rural areas and vulnerable people in my home-country. Doing this, you will also be helping me to thank God that I was born for a good cause. Trust me: God will bless you for your donation directed to the education of these vulnerable kids in Rwanda. Thank you very much for helping to celebrate my 40th birthday: Happy Birthday to me 😎.“

Please give whatever you can. Every donation counts!

Donation on the occasion of Charles birthday for the education of Rwandan kids   or   Donation on the occasion of Charles birthday for the education of Rwandan kids