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The meeting of students sponsored through „Ecumenical One World Group“ in collaboration with „Amizero y’Ubuzima Organization“ took place on December 02, 2018 in Kigali, presided by the Project coordinator in Rwanda Mrs Laurette Mushimiyimana.

The meeting had three items on the Agenda:

  • Meeting and knowing each other as one family
  • Advices on how to move on
  • Preparation of next academic year

Opening remarks:
After the official opening of the meeting and welcoming remarks by the Project coordinator of 1WG in Rwanda, she started to introduce to the participants the items on the agenda.

Resolution 1:
After the introduction of all the children and some parents who accompanied their children, Laurette explained everyone who is the sponsor of the project. She went on to remind everyone the generosity of the sponsors of the project and she highlighted the self sacrifice and dedication of Pastor Gerhard and Dietmar who have spent a lot of their energy for the program in Rwanda especially trying to know and visit most of the children and their families who are sponsored. The project coordinator insisted on never to forget the opportunity that we are offered by these people of good will who are only pushed by loving heart to help. On this point the children were asked to keep in touch with their sponsors as often as possible as a sign of gratitude and closeness.

Resolution 2
The project coordinator took time to advice all the children on how to be responsible in life especially by putting all the efforts to study well, use the chance they are given for the better future of their lives and to never disappoint their sponsors and the society they live in. She gave each child a minute to say what is their hobbies and talents and asked them to develop it along with their studies in order to have a hopeful future.
Eric the artist who was invited in this meeting was asked to share his experiences with the children and also sang with them which made the children very happy.

After this Laurette asked Evode the alumni of 1WG to talk to the children and told them that they should feel brothers and sisters to each other, they should work hard in their studies so that they may excel in whatever work they may get once they finish their studies.

The three parents also were given time to counsel the children so as not to be a burden to their parents or to their caregivers. Laurette carried on by thanking the children who performed well during this year, congratulated the 3 students who graduated this year among them Perlin who finished his secondary studies with very good performance in spite of his visual impairment. Irene who graduated and is now a holder of bachelor degree and Lilian who graduated and got diploma but has to study another year to get her bachelor degree.

Resolution 3
In preparation of next academic year, Laurette collected all the letters of the schools which the children attend that shows all the school materials and fees needed.

In AOB the Project coordinator asked the opinion of all the children how often they need a common meeting and they unanimously and happily wanted to have it twice year as it is so helpful and encourages the spirit of being together as a family.

Reported by Laurette MUSHIMIYIMANA
Project coordinator of One-World-Group in Rwanda