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cannachris„As I first learned about the One-World-Group (OWG) project, the message was immediately clear and there was no question about my joining the action,“ said Christian Kaiser.
„Education is for all of the world’s children as important as is love in the family or air to breathe, all children deserve an equal right to an education,“ according to the singer.

This conversation is about the educational project of the Ecumenical One World Group, which is based in Ruhla, Germany and has underwritten Rwandan children’s education since 2007.
Recently OWG has entered into partnership with „Amizero Y’Ubuzima“, a Rwandan NGO.
And now … OWG is proud to announce it’s newest partner Ruhla rapper „Cannachris“, alias Christian Kaiser.

On October 20th (2018) Cannachris released his latest CD „Grosse Gefuehle“ (Marvelous Sensations).
The artist is donating 50% of album proceeds in support of OWG’s educational project. Currently he’s promoting among his fellow musicians the idea of producing a benefits concert.
With Cannchris‘ decision, „Künstler für Kinder“ (i.e. Artists for Kids) instantly became an international network of support.

Earlier this year and during one of his regular visits to Rwanda, the Ruhla Pastor Gerhard Reuther and founder of the One World Group project, connected with local Reggae musician „Ras Erigz“.
Out of their meeting and combined creativity, the concept of international artists networking for a common educational good of disadvantaged children, was born.

Cannachris describes his unique musical style as, „somewhat pop and somewhat rap, music is the venue for speaking my soul.“ And so it is with his new release „Marvelous Sensations“, it’s a display of emotional fireworks. Whether it’s his reflection on a difficult childhood, the sadness of separation from a partner or the challenges of becoming a family, it’s all to be discovered ‚between the lines‘ of Cannachris‘ texts and delivered through his radical rap and succinct singing style.

Out of his committment to quality, Cannachris arranged to bring Ras Erigz of Kigali, Rwanda and Reimescorte from Erfurt, Germany together under one roof for the production of Marvelous Sensations.
Hearing the integration of the German, Kinyarwanda and English languages, one quickly realizes that the album is in fact a collage of international cooperation and … „Marvelous Sensations“ !

The album may be ordered online through:
Paypal (CD-Version)

The CD collection contains 5 bonus songs for a total of 20 titles.

Do yourself a favor, as well as our Rwandan kids, and order the new Cannachris CD today.
And remember, the gift giving, holiday season is just around the corner!