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„Operation Christmas Child“? Well, what we do makes children happy not only at christmas. So, we recommend to make childrens eyes shine every day! Therefore, christmas may be a good occasion to get to know on our project.
It is most supportive and longlasting to help kids to live a self-determined and -sustaining life in their homecountry by giving them access to education!
„Education is the doorway to freedom, democracy and development.“ (Nelson Mandela)
Please take over an educational sponsorship or support our project with donations. What we use these for example, read in a very descriptive report.
Education is one of the prerequisites for a good life perspective. Therefore, such help can not be limited to a certain festive season in the year like Christmas, but it includes it. We thank you for your donations and wish you a Merry Christmas!
Please indicate „PatRuanda“ as purpose of use (MEMO) along with your donation. Thank you very much!