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English summary of Mr Mauermanns article of July, 3, 2016

In the weeks since Dietmar’s return to Rwanda he has begun his first student visitations outside of Kigali.
Since the beginning of the school year and the securing of new foster parents,Theogene is underway with secondary school.This is after his 2 year absence, because of a lack of funds for books, materials and uniforms. At 14, in 2015, he had to end his primary school attendance. Eventhough with this extended absence, he qualified for continuation at the secondary level. His mother doesn’t have money enough for a place to live. However by doing housework and field labor, she gets a place to sleep.
Dietmar met Theogene and his mother in January 2015 in their village of Bugesera. Impoverished is the simplest description of the two. Susan had made the introduction. The youngster showed no sign of joy of aliveness. Dietmar was immediately moved to do what he could to secure OWG support. Later in the month, the foster parent partnership was confirmed. He attended the College of Bon Pasteur in Kinazi/Ruhango in the South Province. Unfortunately it was impossible for Dietmar to visit him in February, but was committed to visit him at the next available opportunity.
College Bon Pasteur, Kinazi
On June 30 Dietmar and Susan drove to Kinazi to visit Theogene. It was a long and difficult drive over all sorts of horrific and unimaginable road conditions, because Theogene’s school in Kinazi is not on a main road.
Our Theogene was completely changed. He stood proud wearing his school uniform and exuded confidence. He was thrilled by their visitation. He had much to tell and communicated enthusiastically, in sign language, with Susan. He had blossomed and radiated personal vibrance. He had fully engaged in his studies.
Theogene & Susan
It was a great feeling of satisfaction for Dietmar to realize the success of Theogene and that his life and education was going so well. His case was so difficult. His mother had no permanant living arrangement and could offer nothing other than accompaniment to her deaf son. The educational process had given Theogene exposure to a world of possibilities, to which he would have never otherwise experienced. In the village from which he came, he could only sit and observe, from his silent world, the environment of hopeless poverty which surrounded him. Now, he has been given his first glimpses of a bright future.
Theogene, Susan & Sekretärin Jeanette
The next objective was to visit the Gatagara Orthopedic Clinic and to meet with the Director of Placement for the School for the Handicapped in Gatagara. They discussed the rehabilition history of Clemence‘. It was mutually agreed that she could continue her studies and re-enroll in the third level class.
HVP Gatagara, Nyanza
That particular day of visitations had ended successfully.
The next day however, the car had a mechanical problem. The right front spring broke, which in turn damaged the shock absorber and in turn ruined the tire.
The good news was that this happened in front of a gas station. $72 and three hours later they were back on the road again. The next necessity is to get new tires for the front.

The good news around the auto problem was that it did not happen on the way to a visitation, at highway speeds or way out in a remote rural area.
Our team of Dietmar and Susan report that they are happy together in life and task!